A Glimpse Into Everything About Submersible Solar Pumps in Zimbabwe!

There are many different types of Submersible Solar Pumps in the market today to pump out water from one place to another. They have many advantages over the conventional pumps used widely. 

These are a new revolution in the industry and have gained a lot of attention to their advantage.

You don’t have to bury the pumps. If it is a solar borehole pump, then only a few feet of depth is necessary. Since it derives power from the sun, it saves you a lot on energy expenditure. So, there is no need for electricity or fuel. The operation will be very clean and extremely efficient. So, the maintenance cost will be saved by a lot.

How to decide if it is the best option for you

This can be answered based on personal preference and situation. The flow of water from solar pumps will not be constant since it depends on the energy of the sun. So, whenever there is more power, more water will be pumped out and the excess water will be stored in a separate tank for future use. 

This water can be used when there is little or no sun due to weather conditions (at night or during freezing winters). To solve the problem of inconsistency in water flow, a battery backup is enough to solve the problem. The borehole pump will take power from the battery if it becomes necessary. For example, passing could block the sunlight from reaching the pump machine.
A Glimpse Into Everything About Solar Pumps in Zimbabwe!
A Glimpse Into Everything About Solar Pumps in Zimbabwe!
But if you have no issue with the inconsistency, then battery backup will not be needed. For instance, consider running a solar-powered fountain, there is no need for consistency with the water flow. To keep the pump working even at night, you will need a timer. All that has to be done is set the timer for the number of times you need it to run. It will automatically turn off after the cycle.

The size of the motor depends on the work you want the pump to perform. If it is lifting up or down of water or just moving the water on the same level. A powerful machine is required to move the water up or to form a fountain spray. Moving the water on the same level or carrying it downward will not require much power from the pump. Remember to measure the height of the lift from the point where the water will be drawn to the highest point.

If you are planning on purchasing a solar pond pump, then make sure the solar panel is placed in an area where the maximum sunlight can be harnessed. Be careful if you will be letting animals in the pond, the wires from solar pumps and panels have to be buried or secured properly. Keep the area free of trees and other debris. 

Do not leave behind leaves and pine needles lying around, since they might clog the pump very easily. It is a good idea to check for clogs frequently.

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