A Guide To Selecting The Right Solar Borehole Pump In Zimbabwe – A Guide

Solar Pumps are very advantageous compared to any other type of Water Pump available in Zimbabwe. 

Solar pumps are widely used in business sectors and industries. There are different types and ranges of Borehole Pumps available that function with solar energy.

The solar-powered Borehole Pumps are highly efficient. 

They are composed of a number of Solar Panels. The solar cells are building blocks for the solar panels. Each solar cell will have two or more layers of semiconducting materials, which produce direct current – DC or electricity when exposed to sunlight.

The DC current will be collected by wiring present in the panel and is converted to the AC current using the inverter. This AC current is then used for running the AC pump that will pump water when the sun shines.
A Guide To Selecting The Right Solar Borehole Pump In Zimbabwe – A Guide
A Guide To Selecting The Right Solar Borehole Pump In Zimbabwe – A Guide
Excess water will be stored in the overhead water tank for later usage.

How Beneficial Are Solar Borehole Pumps:

  1. Solar borehole pumps are used for irrigation purposes, water livestock and to provide portable drinking water.
  2. These pumps will use peak solar array output that will frequently coincide with high water demand during long summer days.
  3. The solar pumps will use storage tanks to store additional water during cloudy weather conditions.
  4. There is no need for fuel and regular maintenance for the solar pumps.
  5. These pumps are designed for portability to be moved according to water demand and change in the season.
  6. The operating cost of these solar pumps is very less compared to diesel bore pumps.
  7. It is very easy and simple to install these pumps and they are good for boreholes and pumping water throughout the day.
  8. Any weak boreholes can also be used in an effective manner with these low-volume bore pumps, as they can efficiently and continuously pump water even up to 10 hours.
  9. There is only minimal attention required, as they are self-starting.
  10. The tracking arrays can be used to pump water in increased quantity and on a daily basis too.
  11. These pumps are highly environmentally friendly.
  12. These pumps will offer a clean solution with no danger of borehole contamination

The solar bore pumps are highly efficient and are specifically designed to run from solar panels. They are capable of continuing to pump even in low light conditions such as cloud cover, later afternoons and early morning. You can also find submersible solar bore pumps, which are becoming popular in recent years.
A Guide To Selecting The Right Solar Borehole Pump In Zimbabwe – A Guide
A Guide To Selecting The Right Solar Borehole Pump In Zimbabwe – A Guide

These pumps will help to pump water even up to 230 meters below the ground level. Their higher ability to lift water to a very great height makes them suitable for water transfer applications, including dam to storage tank, stock watering, storage tank to the header tank and more.

Although solar water pumps give many added advantages, it becomes imperative to choose the right one that will perfectly suit your need. These pumps are available in different models and specifications. 

You can consult professionals or surf online to know better about solar water pumps and choose the right one.

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