Step To Take When Preparing To Drill A Borehole in Your Home in Zimbabwe

Once you have decided to install a new Borehole on your property in Zimbabwe, you have to take some steps to prepare. 

Here are five important steps to help you get ready for your new Borehole:

1. Choose an Experienced Contractor: The right drilling company is vital to ensure your Borehole is placed effectively. A company with a lot of experience will be able to help you know where you should place the Borehole and how deep it should go. You will also benefit from their understanding of drilling regulations in your area.

Before you decide on a contractor, look at customer reviews on their website. Once you've narrowed the search down, call each company and request a consultation as well as a quote. This will help you determine who will provide the best services at a price that fits your budget.

2. Get a Permit: Zimbabwe through ZINWA requires a restricted permit for those who hire a contractor to do Borehole work. These permits are valid for one year, so you should acquire your permit Borehole in advance to avoid any problems. With this permit, you are allowed to drill, repair, reconstruct, and plug residential Boreholes.
Step To Take When Preparing To Drill A Borehole in Your Home in Zimbabwe
Step To Take When Preparing To Drill A Borehole in Your Home in Zimbabwe
Simply apply for your permit through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and wait for your application to be accepted. Once it has been accepted, you can move forward with the drilling process. A licensed contractor will also be able to help you with the permit process.

3. Plan Around the Weather: Drilling a Borehole requires certain weather conditions. The soil needs to be mostly dry in order to support the hole and allow the Borehole to be placed. This means that you should schedule the drilling for a time when no rain is predicted. Missouri averages 42 inches of rain each year, so you should carefully evaluate the drilling schedule to make sure it doesn't coincide with any approaching storms.

Soil needs a few days to dry enough for drilling, so if it rains, reschedule your drilling for three or four days later if possible.

4. Clear Vegetation: The spot where you plan to drill the Borehole needs to be accessible and clear of plant life. Without a clear site, the drilling can be delayed or rendered ineffective due to obstructions. So, before the scheduled drilling day, clear out bushes, flower beds, gardens, and trees at the spot where the Borehole will be placed.

Also, consider removing tall vegetation like trees in the immediately surrounding area to provide room and improve visibility for the large drilling equipment. Be careful to not remove too much of your landscape, though, to minimize replacement and replanting costs after the Borehole has been placed.

5. Create an Access Road: Since Boreholes aren't usually placed directly next to the main road, you will need to create an access road that the drilling company can use to transport equipment. While you don't need to physically dig a road, you should ensure that the equipment has a clear and specific path it can move back and forth on.

Consider nearby structures and underground systems such as the sprinkler and try to create a path that will cause the least disruption to those things. Mark off the designated road with flags or colourful posts to ensure it is visible. Then make sure the road is clear of objects and vegetation.
Step To Take When Preparing To Drill A Borehole in Your Home in Zimbabwe
Step To Take When Preparing To Drill A Borehole in Your Home in Zimbabwe

Drilling a Borehole can be complicated, and it requires experience and skill. If you need a licensed and qualified drilling company to place your Borehole, call Mutare Boreholes. We will help you plan and drill your Borehole so you have all the water you need. You can also ask us more about how to prepare for your new Borehole.

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