Choosing The Right Water Storage Tank In Zimbabwe For Your Needs!

When it comes to large-volume water or wastewater storage it is important to understand that you have a choice of tank type and that the one you choose must suit your particular project or installation.

Choosing a water tank or water tanks can be daunting and as good quality tanks are not cheap, the decision should be well considered before purchasing.

Type and Size of Water Tanks: There are a number of Water Tank options available when considering buying a water storage tank. To choose the right tank size, first, decide for what purposes you will be using the water, the size of your roof or installation space, how much water your need will consume daily, weekly or monthly. These factors will help you estimate the size and type of the tank required.

1. Polyethylene Water Tanks:
These are lightweight, durable options that are available in different colours and sizes. They can be used both above and below ground, depending on your needs.
Concrete tanks: These durable tanks are usually built on site (above or below ground) and work best to prevent the growth of algae and to keep water cool.
Choosing The Right Water Storage Tank In Zimbabwe For Your Needs!
Choosing The Right Water Storage Tank In Zimbabwe For Your Needs!
2. Metal Water Tanks: Made of corrugated metal or coated steel, these custom-made options are easy to transport.

3. Fiberglass Water Tanks: These tanks are a good above-ground option as they are rust and corrosion-proof, and can withstand high temperatures.

4. Bladder Water Tanks: While these do not really fit into our ideas of tanks, these are ideal for verandas or under-house applications.

Factors To Consider When Selecting A Water Tank: Every house should have a Water Storage Tank installed to supply water to the entire house throughout the day for basic use like bathing; using the toilet; drinking water, washing dishes and laundry, etc. But, do we ever consider what to keep in mind while buying the Water Storage Tanks? Mostly not, we just buy a 1000 Litre Water Tank for a big house, and a 500 Litre for a smaller one. 

There are a few factors you should keep in mind while buying a water tank. These are:

1. Match Your Tank To Your Requirements: Understand how much water you will need and then look at the number of tanks you will need to store this volume. For example, there is no point in purchasing a 1000 Litre tank that you are going to use to top up a 60 000 Litre swimming pool.

2. Tank Quality. Be sure to understand the guarantee on the tank before purchase, this is a good indication of the quality and will give peace of mind.

3. Tanks That Carry The Approval of Tank Standard, are required to meet certain criteria in terms of quality that ensure a top-class product. Also look for suppliers that carry quality management system certification, such as SAZ - Standards Association of Zimbabwe.

Why Are Water Storage Tanks So Important? 

The Top Ten Water Storage Tanks in Zimbabwe:
1. DripTech (Jumbo) Water Storage Tanks.
7. Pioneer Water Storage Tanks.
8. Plastex Water Storage Tanks.
9. AfriTank Water Storage Tanks.

In recent years, water demand has gone up while rainfall has dropped with poor water supply infrastructure. However, in terms of supply, the market is very saturated and profit margins are almost to none. As an investment, this business is no longer lucrative due to stiff competition from substandard producers and Water Storage Tank Installers.
Choosing The Right Water Storage Tank In Zimbabwe For Your Needs!
Choosing The Right Water Storage Tank In Zimbabwe For Your Needs!
It is a known fact that the recent droughts and water shortages have created an awareness that has resulted in an increased demand for Water Storage Tanks. With this in mind, financial capability has become one of the challenges when buying and installing Water Storage Tanks. 

The biggest challenge is financial. Rural communities are cash strapped. To purchase and transport a tank is a costly exercise. Additional costs such as building tank stands and fitting gutters are not taken into account or are done on a budget that results in poor installations and damaged tanks or ineffective water harvesting.

When it comes to water tank installation, Mutare Boreholes suggests educating end-users or customers because up to date end-users fail to follow simple instructions like place tank on a flat surface, don’t pick the tank with water-filled, inlet and outlet holes, etc. 

Many customers are simply unaware of the differences between tanks and their installation procedures. Due to cash constraints, they would buy and get their Water Tanks installed by cheaper service providers and then regret as it would not last. In the long run, cheap is expensive.

Mutare Boreholes's advice is that educating the end-user is probably the key.

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