The Top Ten Tips For Having An Effective Solar Water Pumping System in Zimbabwe with Mutare Boreholes

Mutare Boreholes stands as the trusted drilling partner of Sona Solar Zimbabwe, offering a comprehensive array of borehole solutions tailored to meet individual needs. 

Based in Mutare and serving the seven districts of Manicaland, including Mutare, Nyanga, Makoni, Buhera, Chimanimani, Chipinge, and Mutasa, Mutare Boreholes leverages its technology-driven approach to deliver specialized and adaptive drilling services to the mining, infrastructure, and energy sectors. 

The Top Ten Tips For Having An Effective Solar Water Pumping System in Zimbabwe with Mutare Boreholes
The Top Ten Tips For Having An Effective Solar Water Pumping System in Zimbabwe with Mutare Boreholes

With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Mutare Boreholes sets itself apart in the borehole drilling industry in Zimbabwe

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The Top Ten Tips For Having An Effective Solar Water Pumping System in Zimbabwe with Mutare Boreholes

Solar DC Water Pumps: Sustainable Power for Your Borehole

Mutare Boreholes utilizes solar energy to run your pump, making it a dependable and eco-friendly choice. These DC water pump systems consist of:
  • PV Array: Solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity.
  • Solar Pumping Controller: Regulates power flow between the panels, battery (optional), and pump.
  • DC Pump: A submersible pump powered by direct current (DC) electricity.

Choose the Perfect Pump for Your Needs

Mutare Boreholes provides a range of solar DC water pump options with varying capacities:
  • 0.25HP (24V) - 75m Head.
  • 0.75HP (72V) - 135m Head.
  • 1HP (108V) - 65m Head.
  • 1HP (144V) - 150m Head.
  • 2HP (110V) - 135m Head.
  • 5HP (500V) - 340m Head.

Head (m) refers to the vertical distance the pump can push water.

Additional Services to Enhance Your Water System (Extra Fees Apply):
  • Double Casing: Strengthen your borehole for long-lasting stability.
  • Borehole Deepening: Go beyond 40 meters to access deeper water sources.
  • Borehole Testing: Evaluate your borehole's capacity and water quality.
  • Borehole Installation: Choose AC or solar-powered systems to suit your needs.
  • Borehole Water Storage: Implement a reliable water storage solution.

Top 10 Tips for an Effective Solar Water Pump System

  1. Choose the Right Solar Water Pump: There are two main types: surface pumps and submersible pumps. Surface pumps are ideal for shallow water sources like ponds or streams, while submersible pumps are used for deep wells and boreholes.
  2. Add an Output AC Line Reactor to Long-Distance Systems: For projects with long distances between the solar panels and the pump, an AC line reactor can improve efficiency.
  3. Choose the Right Solar Panels: Consider the wattage needed based on your water usage and consult the manufacturer's recommendations for panel size.
  4. Get a Good Solar AC Pump Inverter: A reliable inverter with proper after-sales service is crucial.
  5. Maintain Solar Panels: Regularly clean your panels with soap and water for optimal performance.
  6. Monitor Water Flow: Observe water flow and adjust pump positioning if necessary to address low water levels.
  7. Fix Leaks and Broken Valves: Address any wear and tear to ensure proper water pressure.
  8. Positioning: Consider the depth of your water source and potential energy limitations when positioning the pump.
  9. Test the Efficiency of Your Panels: A pump-to-panel test can help identify any issues with the panels or battery.
  10. Use a Float Switch: Automate pump operation based on water levels in your tank.

Additional Tips

  • Elevate for Improved Flow: Gravity can improve water pressure. Consider storing water in a tank positioned above your home.
  • Booster Pump: If elevation isn't possible, a booster pump can increase pressure in the pipes.
  • Maximize Sun Exposure: Locate your solar panels in a clear, open area for optimal sunlight. Solar tracking panels can further enhance power generation.
  • Prevent Pump Damage: Ensure your pump has a shut-off feature based on water level and consider a properly grounded system for protection against lightning strikes.

Mutare Boreholes - Your Partner in Solar Water Pumping

Mutare Boreholes offers expertise in drilling boreholes, a crucial first step for many solar water pumping systems. They can also advise you on the best pump and system setup for your needs.

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The Cost or Prices For Borehole Drilling in Mutare, Manicaland Province:

The Best Borehole Drilling Companies in Manicaland and Mutare require extensive knowledge and expertise to successfully complete drilling jobs.

This is especially true when it comes to drilling in the remote terrains of Manicaland Province. Mutare Boreholes has the resources, experience and local knowledge required to fulfil all your drilling needs across Mutare and Manicaland Province.

Large areas of Manicaland Province are yet to be developed meaning vast areas have not been subject to hydrogeological investigation and recording. OurBorehole Drilling and Installation Services cover all areas in and around Manicaland Province which include Buhera, Chimanimani, Chipinge, Makoni, Mutare, Mutasa, Nyanga and Rusape. When selecting preferred Borehole Drilling Companies for projects in the region, the value of local expertise and knowledge should not be underestimated.

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